25 março 2014

The Portuguese "Invoice Lucky" lottery (EN)

Here are the first numbers that show was really good the idea of taxing authority to proceed with the draw cars to encourage the Portuguese to request more times to enter the tax identification number (TIN) on the invoices in order to dangles carrot for tax dodgers.

The Audi A4 and A6 cars are the two models that the Portuguese will be able to win as a prize draw with the “Invoice Lucky”, which begins in early April.

These two cars of the German mark , which offered the best proposal for the acquisition by the Ministryof Finance, which will be drawn in 54 contests that will be held during the next year, with 52 regular sweepstakes, one per week, and two more special.

Audi won the tender launched by the Government with the A4 model, which has its input range for a price of 35,270 euros, and the A6 model, which begins to be marketed for 47,760 euros.

This year the Portuguese IRS will give away cars. In future may be another option, but always with prizes in kind.

According to the regulation, the draws to be held between April 1 2014 and March 31, 2015, cars value equal to or less than 39,360 euros will be drawn. Should be 52 Audi A4 car to be delivered in these sweepstakes.

In the same period there will be two special contests, in which taxpayers can be enable an A6, one in summer and one at Christmas, where the cars will draw a unitary value equal to or less than 51,660 euros.

In the following years can be up to eight extraordinary sweepstakes, they will be assigned a greater number of prizes or special prize.

The purchase of the car was delivered to the Authority Shared Services Public Administration (eSPap). 

In total, 58 vehicles were awarded. The purchase will be made through the framework agreements concluded by the public authority for other purchases.

This means that potential sellers, even before pre-selected by eSPap through bidding process will now be contacted and will them - requested proposals for these acquisitions.

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