26 dezembro 2013

Between 100 to 120 thousand Portuguese emigrated this year

Between 100 to 120 thousand Portuguese left the country this year, a very high emigration but remained stable due to lack of employment in other countries.

Although there are no official figures, the Portuguese Government admits that the number of Portuguese emigrants is similar to last year - about 100-120 thousand.

European countries, especially France, are still the main destinations of Portuguese, with Angola also attract similar numbers to last year, around 25 thousand.

No one is to check the output of Portuguese emigrants to Brazil, mainly due to lack of equivalence for certain professions, such as engineers and architects, who can not exercise that country.

About Mozambique, also the values ​​remain the same for 2012, ie, three to four thousand Portuguese were living this year to the African country, where the volume of construction has not increased much.

Increasing exports is a positive indicator in increasing production and creating jobs in Portuguese soil.

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