13 novembro 2013

Rising minimum wage in Portugal

The President of the Economic and Social Council (CES), José Silva Peneda, criticizes the "obsession" of the 'troika' in reducing labor costs in Portugal and defends the rising minimum wage, opposing the position of the creditors .

If there is material that is typically social dialogue is the national minimum wage (NMW) and political power have to legislate about it. But clearly, the first sign is the social agreement that should give the social partners and have shown themselves more than available to discuss the matter, but the 'troika' does not.

Rising minimum wage in Portugal

It is important that the social partners could negotiate, the rise in the minimum wage in Portugal, currently in 485 euros .

However, they can not be applied, since it does not allow the troika until June. But all the social partners, including employers confederations, have shown themselves available to implement this increase from January next year.

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