26 dezembro 2011

1980's Portuguese Rock Bands and Greatest Hits music

The Portuguese rock scene hit mainstream in 1980 with the release of Ar de Rock by Rui Veloso, which was the first popular Portuguese rock album. Before that, Portugal had a vibrant underground progressive rock scene in the 1970s, which included bands like Tantra, Petrus Castrus (Misterios E Maravilhas), Jose Cid (10,000 Anos Depois Entre Venus E Marte) and Tarantula (Kingdom of Lusitania), the latest being considered by many to be the first metal Portuguese act.



24 dezembro 2011


From Adversity to Prosperity: 

From Being Laid Off to a Six Figure Income

Growing up in the Philippines, uprooted from the familiar, and brought to the land where many other people from all over the world would like to be... they said the United States is the land where milk and honey flow. Our first destination and "home" for a decade was in Miami, Florida.


jopafavoritus photographer

jopafavoritus photographer

How to Attract Media Through Personal Branding

About a couple of weeks ago, I shared with you guys an interview I had with a successful local PR gal, Ashley Small. I asked her if she could all give us some advice and tips on how to attract media like she does. Who would know PR best than someone who is successful at it, right?

So here's her tips to attract media through personal branding:
1. Build a strategic social media presence.
Understand how to use Facebook and Twitter to do more than connect. Learn what your audience responds to, what hours you tend to see the highest amount of interaction and become a reliable source for them. Whether it's a reliable source for humor, news or inspiration. Just know that you're working to becoming someone they rely on for a particular message.

This step is not limited to just Facebook and Twitter. It's applicable to blogging, Youtube videos and newsletters as well.

2. Follow the right people.
It's wonderful that social media has allowed us to reconnect with high school friends, former colleagues and such- but it's incredible that it's also allowed us to connect with bloggers, reporters and journalists. Take advantage of the chance to connect with major names in media. Authentically engage with them and don't make it always about the "ask."

I always recommend going online and searching for targeted Twitter lists. There are thousands of incredible lists that hand you whatever it is you need…fashion bloggers on Twitter, health reporters, CNN reporters and more. The information is there, waiting for you to dig for it.

3. Soft brag about your brand.
Learn how to let people know that you're an expert in your field, not by taking advantage of every opportunity to state, "I'm an expert because….," but by sharing interesting information about your industry, your recent accomplishments or your passions. People will "get you" without you having to define your brand and share your title.

4. Use social media for business or pleasure, not both- determine what your bigger picture is, then go from there.
If you ultimately hope to attract the attention of the media- I would avoid frequent, emotional rants and detailed information about your personal life. I'm not suggesting that you take the "personal" out of personal branding, but I am suggesting that you think before you post. If you want to appear as a controlled, mature adult- then you should project that online. I've seen too many PR disasters that are a result of someone posting during the height of their anger…only to look back and regret it.

5. Be consistent and knowledgeable.

Position yourself as the go-to person for a few particular topics. Do this by sharing interesting content, looking for opportunities to share your knowledge and creating original content that further defines your brand. Be very clear on who you are as an expert and build a level of trust with the media through your consistency and confidence.

Having found success in social media myself, I couldn't agree with her more!



jopafavoritus photographer

Work From Home ?


14 dezembro 2011

Have a nice day Mr António Horta-Osório

Lloyds CEO to Return After Illness

Lloyds Banking Group said Chief Executive António Horta-Osório will return to work Jan. 9 but with more power being given to his management team.

The 41%-government-owned bank had been in some disarray following Mr. Horta-Osório's sudden departure in November due to illness. The bank had always said it expected Mr. Horta-Osório to return to his post in the New Year, but the continuing uncertainty over the company's future management had helped send shares to record lows.

Shares were flat on the announcement.


Abreu Pires

02 dezembro 2011